Lettuce with Beans

The only thing steamed in this recipe is Beans.
Tip: Keep a good enough quantity of Beans soaked and sprouted in the freezer. This will come in handy for recipes such as these which are very quick to make if you are very hungry.

Ingredients(Measurements) :

1. 1 cup sprouted beans.I have used Vaal here (Fava bean , Hyacinth Beans, Windsor bean , Horse beans).
2. 2 Bunches Romain Lettuce.
3. 1 Avocado.
4. 1/4 Onion.
5. 10 thin slices of yellow Beet.
6. Alfalfa Sprouts.
7. Salt to taste.
8. Pepper to taste.
9. 1 Tbsp oil.


1. Steam beans until cooked (Usually takes 15-20 minutes).
2. Cut Avocado into long medium-thick slices.
3. Wash the lettuce and pat dry / put in the dehydrator for 5 minutes at lowest temperature. I found the if I dehydrate green just to let the water evaporate, I eat them more. They look more fresh and crunchier rather than wilted.
4. Cut Onion into thin long slices.
5. Take a leaf of lettuce and fill with Avocado slices, Beans, Beet slices, Onion slices, Sprouts and do so for each leaf.
6. Sprinkle salt, pepper, oil.

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