Raw Thai Soups

I love thai recipes. They are close to indian tastes, but do not make you HEAVY like indian food.
Here are some quick and super duper tasty RAW thai recipes. Serve it hot with thai rice. You can add corn, mushrooms too as a garnish !

Blend 1 young coconut meat, 1/4 young coconut water,3 big kefir leaves,2 teaspoons grated lemon grass, a little piece of ginger/galanga,1/4 jalapeno pepper, oil,salt, 3 teaspoons tamari, 1/4 cup cilantro, pinch of thai curry spice,hot water.

Blend 1 table spoon young coconut meat, 1 cup pulp from carrot juice, 4 big kefir leaves, 1/4th jalapeno pepper, oil, salt,3 teaspoons tamari, a little piece of ginger/galanga, hot water.

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