Raw/Steamed Oatmeal Porridge (Kheer)

1. 1 cup raw hulled Oat grains.
2. Pinch of Cinnamon Powder.
3. 1 Cardamom cloves.
4. Pinch of Nutmeg Powder.
5. Pinch of Sea salt.
6. 1 full heap Tsp Raw Honey.
7. 2 Tsp Sucanat (Raw Cane Sugar will also do if you do not have sucanat).

For Nutmilk:

1. 1 cup soaked Almonds.

For Garnish:
1. 1 Tsp warm coconut oil.
2. 10 Cashews.
3. 20 raisins.

Soak Oats for 12 hours.
Drain and let them sit in a half covered jar for 24 hours, so that they sprout( you wont see any shooting sprouts though)
Optionally steam them for just 10 minutes.

Soak cashews and raisins in warm coconut oil and keep aside for garnish.

Make nutmilk out of almonds by adding 1 glass water.

Blend the oats, nut milk and all other ingredients* except garnish ingredients. Blend in such a way that oats are coarse ( size of couscous )

Dress with garnish.

Serves : 2

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