Green Savory Smoothie/Curry/Soup with Rainbow Chard

1. 2 Rainbow chard leaves. Even Red leaf lettuce can be used.
2. 1/4 Avocado
3. 1/4 Lemon peeled
4. 1/3 of small red onion peeled
5. 8 Basil leaves
6. 2 Celery sticks / 4 celery heart sticks
7. 2 cups water lukewarm
8. Salt to taste

Blend all the ingredients with hot water/ cold water to get desired consistency, depending on what you want- smoothie or curry or thick soup.
This is super tasty and filling. Its just enough for a light dinner.

Serves:2 small bowls.

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Green Gram (mung), Avocado, Rainbow Chard, Carrot Salad

Green Gram(mung) sprouts – one cup

Avocado – one

Rainbow Chard – one big leaf

Carrot – one

1/2 lemon’s juice

crush avacado (some part as paste,some as big and small pieces)

cut carrot into thin round slices.

add sprouts,carrots,avacao,salt,lemon juice,chilli-powder.

mouth watering Orange Green salad is ready.

This can also be steamed for 10 minutes.

Eat it as is, or as a side dish , or make a sandwitch with it .

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