Spelt Almond Flax Bread

I have learnt making good dehydrated bread the hard way. Trial and error, as there are not very good recipes online. I have learnt not to add too many spices. To add very little of the selected spice. To add very little salt. Because after dehydration the taste goes very bad if you put spice-to-taste while making the dough. Not to dehydrate the bread too much. Not to keep the dough hard, alike baked bread, instead keep it a little watery, paste like.


Base :
1. 3 cups Spelt.
2. 1 cup Almond pulp( one left after making nut milk)
3. 1 cup Flax powder
4. 1/2 teaspoon Sea salt
5. 1 clove Garlic.

1. I used to soak grains in water for 48 hours and then drain and let them sprout for next 2 days.
But now I have a super easy way. Tribest Automatic Sprouter. Yes. I just pour grains into it this morning, and next morning they are already sprouted enough to make a bread !!! I love this.
2. So once you have the sprouted grain ready, blend it with almond flour and garlic.
3. Transfer to a bowl.
4. Pour flax powder and salt and immediately make dough of a thin consistency.
5. Pour a big lump on the dehyrator sheet and spread with a spatula.
6. Scour with a knife. Now I would suggest scour one tray such that you get 4″ size pieces, and another tray such that you get small pizza size pieces. This way you can use the bread to make pizza as well as this dish
7. Dehydrate until they are dry at 115. ( Its summer here and it took me 16 hours)

Makes : 30 4″ breads.
Meal Sugestion: Spelt bread with nut-seed mozarella and sprouts. Coming soon !

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