Carrot Apple Juice


1. 8 BIG Carrots. Yes 8 of them . If you are not in US, you can add more carrots. US carrots are 4 times the size of Indian Carrots !!.
2. 2 Sweet Apples. You can add any fruit after trying this recipe. You can also add a green leaf vegetable or herbs.
3 . 4 Pinches of Himalayan Pink Salt (Or any healthy salt like sea salt, rock salt)

Preparation:Juice them in an auger juicer for best taste.

Makes:4 Glasses of Delicious drink. It looks great too. !! This is the first time I made it and I was a bit skeptical because I have had carrot juice before in Indian streets but never much loved it. Adding apples made the biggest difference I guess.

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