Achocha Soup


1 potato with skin cut into big chunks( I used pink peel potato. The place where I live there are hundreds of potato varieties including purple,red,white,yellow and a pure black skinned one :-))
4 big cubes of butternut squash
2 tangy tomatoes ( do not dice. Just remove the green stem part and keep the tomato whole)
1 large cucumber peeled and cut into big pieces
1 very small onion peeled and cut into halves
10 achochas (image shown below : if you do not get this veggie replace with any other vegetable of your liking which is not starchy)


Steam all together for 15 minutes. Remove the skin of the tomatoes. Blend with cilantro, teaspoon of cumin powder, turmeric, salt and coconut oil.

It makes a hearty creamy soup.

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