Art of Growing Micro Greens

Here we will know how to grow sprouts. To know about the benefits of sprouts, please click here.

What you need

The easiest method is to use a glass jar. It’s best to choose one with a wide neck as this makes it easier to remove the sprouts when they are ready. Cover the jar with muslin or netting held in place with a rubber band. This is so that the seeds can drain and have plenty of air.

Simple Steps

Always use organic seeds produced for sprouting. Other seeds may have been sprayed with pesticides.

1. Day One : Soak overnight

Depending on the size of the seeds, their quantity to soak varies. For smaller seeds like alfalfa, use 2 Tbsp. For medium seeds like fenugreek , use 3 Tbsp. For bigger seeds like mung,sunflower etc use 4 Tbsp.

For soaking you just need to make sure that the seeds are fully covered by the water.Cover the jar with muslin and secure with a rubber band or use a meshed lid.

2. Day Two ,Three,Four  : Rinse twice daily

Pour out the water and rinse. Leave the jar resting in a dish or bowl in an inclined position so to catch any water that drains out. Try to get the seeds evenly distributed along the length of the jar.

Tip: You don’t have to remove the lid to rinse the seeds. Hold the jar under the tap and let water run in slowly at an angle. This helps the water to run through the sieve. You can now pour the water out without loosing the seeds down the sink!

Rinsing twice daily  ensures that the seeds are kept wet, but in fresh water. If they are not rinsed often enough, they can start to rot. Make sure the seeds are not water logged.

Repeat this process until you get the desired length of sprout. The number of days it takes  depends on your local temperature and seeds.Here I have used alfalfa seeds in spring . The temperatures is 23 degrees celcius on average.It takes 5 days in such conditions. In summer and winter it will vary.

3. Day 5 Morning : Open, Wash, Spread for light !

Open and wash thoroughly but carefully to remove all the hulls shed. Place the sprouts in a sieve with holes just big enough for the hulls to escape but small enough for the sprouts to remain and run cold water over them.

Spread them evenly on a porous sheet or tray and cover with mesh umbrella. Let them be in light (NOT direct sunlight otherwise they will burn) until evening.

4. Day 5 Evening: Ready to eat !

Or store in refrigerator for 3-5 days.

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