Tomato Sea Veggie Soup

Sea vegetables are superfoods. Soil of mother earth is being de-nutritioned by our practices. Luckily ocean remains untouched to an extent and provides extremely nutritious superfoods in the form of sea vegetables. The contents of minerals in sea water are very close to the contents of minerals of human blood.

The smell of these is gross for many. There are ways to get around it. Our recipes will show you how.

Ingredients(Measurements) :

1. 2 Tomatoes
2. 1 Tbsp Coconut butter
3. 1 Tsp Grated Ginger
4. 1 Clove Garlic
5. 1 Tsp Cumin Seeds
6. 1 Tsp Coriander Seeds
7. Pinch of Turmeric
8. Salt to taste.
9. 2 Strips of Kombu or any equivalent quantity.
10. 1/2 Soup Bowl hot water.


1. Break/Cut sea vegetable into small thin pieces and soak them for 15 minutes. If you do not like the smell of sea vegetables soak them longer in the refrigerator for few hours. On top of that , this recipe magically hides the smell totally.
2. Pour all ingredients into Blender except sea vegetables.
2. Pour the soaked sea vegetable along with water into the blender and keep a low speed. You do not want to puree the sea vegetables. It should only get finely chopped.

Serves :2

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