Shepu/Dill rice

Shepu was one thing I could never cook in a tasty way.

Today I did !!!!!!!!

2 bowls rice

1 cup of small pieces of shepu( washed and pat dried)

2 tea spoons butter

1/2 cup lentil beans/grean peas.

1 thinly chopped green chilli

Put rice in the vessel

Add water so that water is 1 inch above rice.

Add 2 teaspoons salt. Bring to boil. Once the water is boiling hot, and the rice is seen to be coming to top,strain the rice. The rice will still be raw.

Add butter to a deep pan. Put one layer of rice. Put the layer of peas/beans and shepu and chopped chilli. Put another layer of rice. Take a large plate/bowl. Put water in it. Cover the pan with this plate/bowl. This way the ingredients are cooked by steam.

Keep it on Medium-low flame for about 20 minutes. Do Not stir rice in between.

And you will start loving the weed !!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Its a leafy vegetable.
    Its called shepu in Marathi.
    Am sorry I do not know the hindi name, but yes you can see its image (type dill weed) in google images.

  2. This recipe was written back when I was still eating fully cooked food and knew nothing about raw food.
    Now I add raw finely chopped dill to steamed rice or steamed potatoes.
    Raw dill added with cashews and blended well makes a great vegan dressing which looks and tastes like “Thousand Island” dressing.

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