Eggplant Salad



Big Eggplants – 2 nos.

Fresh coriander leaves – 1 handful

Fresh mint leaves – 5-6 leaves

Peanuts – 1 handful

Fresh Capsicum / Green pepper – 1 no.

Spices as per the taste


1. Peel the Eggplants and cut them in small pieces

2. Grind the Peanuts in the blender, so that it does not become very thin powder.

3. Transfer the eggplants and ground peanuts to the steamer.

4. Add spices and ketchup and mix them together

5. Steam for 35-40 min. till the eggplants get soft enough

6. Transfer the cooked eggplants to a bowl.

7. Mash them to make a uniform paste.


Transfer the contents to the dish, add oil and garnish with fresh mint leaves and long sliced green pepper. Serve hot.

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