Boiled & Baked Sweet Potatoes


I had a huge harvest of sweet potatoes from my garden. My husband loves sweet potatoes but I have always had bloating issues with them. The way I used to cook them was to steam them and mix coconut oil, salt.

Few days back and today I tried a different way of cooking and I have not bloated with this way of cooking.

Boil sweet potatoes (I boiled whole because I chose the tiny and medium size ones, with skin) until they are tender but not totally cooked (took around 8 minutes)
. If a fork goes in with a little pressure, that is enough. If a fork goes in too easily, then you have boiled them too much.

Bake them at 200 degrees Celsius for around 4 minutes each side.

Grind some sea salt, fresh thyme, 2 black peppers to fine powder in a stone mortar.

Add coconut oil and the above mix to the potatoes and serve!

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