Juicing Cilantro


We have a ton of cilantro in the farm. I got tired of putting 10 handfuls in curry. Haha.

So I started juicing it. There are many recipes, the one I like and the simplest is:

Blend 5 handfuls of cilantro with 2 glasses of coconut water and one lime, strain and enjoy! Enjoy it cold like a refreshing drink.

There are many other recipes like juice of Cilantro, cucumber, ginger, apple or juice Cilantro, ginger, pear, lemon.

I have not yet tried it in smoothies.

Health Benefits:

A small serving will provide 27% of your recommended daily intake of Vitamin A and 52% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin K.

Removes unwanted heavy metals. Studies have shown that levels of mercury, lead, and aluminum in the urine increase significantly during a cilantro cleansing, which consists of consuming large amounts of cilantro. Heavy mentals accumulate in the body, causing numerous health problems that can seriously impact literally every major organ in the body. Studies show that heavy metals in the body may be implicated in everything from Alzheimer’s to cardiovascular disease, from behavioral problems to kidney dysfunction, Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, and even paralysis.


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