Yucca Zucar


That’s the name I gave them . I am not a dessert girl since I eat lots of fruits. But sometimes I just want to try something new. We get a potato called Yucca which we can also find in south india and all over India in pearl form known as Sago/ Sabudana etc.

In India Sago is used in hundreds of preparations like khicdi, pudding, papad. I will be sharing those recipes soon or you can search on youtube. Youtube has thousands of indian recipes . I get asked many times by my friends here to share indian recipes, but nowadays it is so easy to watch them on youtube,so just sharing this tip here.

Yucca/ Cassava can be prepared in savory, sweet dishes in many ways. I found a recipe of a steamed cake and steamed pichi-pichi on youtube. The below recipe is a variation to it.

Just grind some fresh(stored in refrigerator in water for few days) yucca WITHOUT any water in your blender or food processor.

Mix sugar, cardamom/vanilla/orange flavour in the dough, make your favorite shapes, stick some nuts in them and steam them for 30 minutes. You could also add some coconut oil or coconut milk, but I did not do so this time.

Remove from heat, and peel off the banana leaf, cut into cubes if you had steamed a big piece. Let it cool. Store in the fridge.

These feel like the little gelatin candies which kids like to eat. Last photo is of the leftover ball I got creative with, but the pan cooked one turned out hard. So stick to steaming (9 photos)

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