Sprouted Wheat Porridge (Kheer/Paayasam)

1. 1/4th cup sprouted wheat grains.
2. 1/8th cup sprouted buckwheat grains (optional).
3. 1 cup soaked almonds. Hazelnuts will also do but almonds are the best for this recipe.
4. 3 cardamom cloves.
5. Sugar of your choice to taste like jaggery, agave, honey. Raw jaggery tastes the best.
6. Few sprigs of saffron.
7. Pinch of salt.
8. 5 Pistachios.
9. 7 cashews.
10. 10 raisins.
11. 2 Tbsp coconut oil.
12. 2 cups of warm water.

Soak cashews and raisins in warm coconut oil and keep aside for garnish.

Make nutmilk out of almonds by adding warm water.

Optionally steam wheat grains and buckwheat grains.

Blend sugar, salt, nut milk and grains together so that the grains get crushed. Make sure they do not get pasty. Blend on just enough speed to turn the grains to the consistency of cooked tapioca grains(Sabudana) or rice with which this dish is traditionally made in India. Transfer to a big bowl.

Make powder of cardamom seeds and pistachios. Add it to the big bowl.

Add the coconut oil along with raisins and cashews.

Dress with saffron.

Serves : 2

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