Essene Bread


Base :
1. 3 cups grain of your choice (Spelt,Buckwheat,wheat).


1. 1 bunch Coriander.
2. 2 cloves garlic.
3. 1 green chilli.
4. Sea Salt to taste

1. 1 tablespoon sesame seeds.
2. 2 tablespoons of dry berries.

Soak the grain for 48 hours.
Drain the water and let it sprout in next 2 days. You will see tiny sprouts.
During these 2 days sprinkle them with water twice a day.

2. Blend the sprouted grain and the masala ingredients together adding water as needed.
The consistency should be as that of dough.

3. Add the toppings and mix well with hand, kneeding the dough.

4. Make small balls , flatten and lay on the dehydrator sheet.

5. Dehydrate for 10-12 hours.

6. Refrigerate.

Note: Masala ingredients can be any spices of your choice.

Makes : 15 breads.

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