Mustard Green Curry

10447122_592293564223486_5834774819559044596_nIf you have visited an Indian Punjabi restaurant you must have eaten this dish  It is made with mainly mustard greens and spinach, and optionally lamb’s quarters leaves, radish leaves, fenugreek leaves.

If you want to search for how it is made traditionally please search for “Sarson ki saag”. It is an elaborate and time taking, overcooked preparation. But I prefer to make it quick and healthy and tasty at the same time 

Here is how you make it.

Take 1:2 ratio of mustard greens and spinach leaves. Steam cook both separately as mustard greens take time to cook and spinach is quick to cook. Blend it along with salt, coconut oil, steamed/roasted garlic, ginger with just enough hot water to assist in blending. Serve hot with corn flour tortillas or rice.

The traditional recipe asks for a teaspoon of cornflour cooked in some water and added to the curry to thicken it. But this is optional.

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