Cabbage Moong Bean Curry

We do not get the split yellow moong lentils here, only get the whole moong beans, so I came up with making it at home. Here is more about moong beans: and here are more recipes:

Making split Moong Lentils at home: Roast the lentils just enough to get the skin roasted. Move to a stone mortar and do a circular motion to halve the whole lentils as well as dehull them. You will of course not get 100% mill quality yellow split lentils but it is good enough

Now for the curry following are the ingredients needed.

1 Cup Whole Moong beans
1 Whole Medium Size Cabbage
1/8th cup grated fresh coconut (optional).

Pressure cook/ Steam cook moong beans to a thick paste.
Steam shredded cabbage.
Mix cooked beans, steamed cabbage and fresh coconut with coconut oil.
Give mustard seeds, cumin seed, curry leaves(optional) tempering( which is nothing but spluttering them in a hot pan and pouring them on the prepared dish).

This recipe can be used with other vegetables like zucchini, bottle gourd,tomatoes, ridge gourd, achocha.

Best with rice. Also good with chapati.

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