Steamed Poha / Kanda Poha/ Atukula Upma


1. 3 cups brown rice/white rice poha.
2. 10-15 ground nuts roasted.
3. 1 large onion.
4. 1 small potato.
5. Few curry leaves.
6. Lemon juice, salt, oil to taste.
7. Cilantro for garnish.
8. 1 tsp on mustard seeds.
9. Green chili to taste(Optional).
10. Pinch of turmeric.


1. Put the water on fire for the steam to be ready.
2. Rinse and drain poha once. Sprinkle some water and keep aside.
3. Cut potato into small cubes and put in the steamer.
4. Cut the onion.
5. Take a bowl big enough to fit into the steamer. Add steamed potatoes, poha, salt, turmeric, green chili, onions to the bowl and mix well taking care that you do not mash poha.
6. Put the bowl in the steamer and steam for 5 minutes.
8. Splutter the mustard seeds in a hot pan or add raw mustard seeds while the poha is steaming.
7. Remove from heat, add oil (I prefer coconut oil), cilantro, roasted ground nuts, mustard seeds and serve hot.

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