Raw Sprouted Wheat Sweet Breakfast


1. 1/4th cup wheat grains soaked and sprouted.
2. 1/4th cup lentils of your choice soaked and sprouted. I have used black lentils which sprout very easily. (Optional).
3. 1/8th cup sprouted buckwheat grains.
4. 15 groundnuts soaked and sprouted.
5. 1/8th cup sesame seeds soaked and sprouted.
6. 20 raisins soaked overnight.
7. 7 dates soaked overnight.


Chop soaked dates. Mix all ingredients together.

Add pinch of salt, honey or agave nectar to taste, ground pistachios, pinch of nutmeg powder , pinch of cardamom powder and few walnuts broken into small pieces.


Variations : Use as a cereal with nut milk.

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