Raw Sprouted Wheat Savory Salad / Raw Indian Green Bhel

This tastes so much like Indian Bhel.


1. 1/4th cup sprouted wheat grains.
2. 1/2 cup sprouted black lentils(Masoor in hindi).
3. 1/8th cup sprouted buckwheat grains.
4. 1 bunch parsley chopped fine.
5. 1 bunch dill chopped super fine.
6. 1 large onion chopped.
7. 2 tomatoes chopped.


If you are not 100% raw you can steam the sprouted grains and lentils.
Mix all ingredients together.
Add salt, lemon juice, generous amount of sesame oil and olive oil.

Serves 4

Can be eaten alone or served on top of romaine lettuce or napa cabbage leaves.

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