Quick Breakfast Recipes

Don’t have time to go thru the recipes?. OK. Here is a quick list of breakfasts. All with greens and fruits.

I highly recommend getting a vita mix for an extremely quick, nutritious way of blending.

1. Avocado, Bananas- blend. Dress with blueberries/strawberries.
2. Spinach, Mango – blend
3. Banana, Kale, Water – blend.
3. Papaya, Banana, Tahini – blend. Dress with blueberries/strawberries.
4. Celery, Orange, Water – blend. Add ice optionally.
5. Orange, Collard, Water – blend.
6. Orange, Apple, Chard, Water – blend.
7. Nutmilks – Soaked nut of your choice, Water, Honey , Nutmeg powder, Cardamom powder – blend. Strain the pulp if desired. Use the pulp in soups, dehydrated breads, dehydrated cookies. Refrigerate the milk and sip with straw on hot summer noon.

By the time you try these, you would have your own recipes. Take care.

Note: Do not eat nuts with fruits/starchy vegetables. You will have bloating !!!.

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