How I use soapnuts


1. To wash not so soiled clothes (5 soapnuts without seeds in a muslin bag in the laundry machine). I have seen that soapnuts do not really work on soiled clothes and kitchen wipe cloths.
2. To wash toilet, kitchen counters, stove tops and to sparkle the sink tap: For this use I powder the nuts in vitamix dry grinder, strain and pack in sprinkler bottles like that we use for salt on the dining table. Then whenever I want to clean I just sprinkle it, sprinkle some water, wipe it all over, leave it for 5 minutes and wash with water. To sparkle the steel taps no need to leave it for 5 minutes.
3. To wash hair: Soak overnight and use. 3. To wash hair: Soak overnight and use. Oil massage hair previous night and take a shower next morning.


Some good videos here:

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