Drinking warm water

My elder sister told me that she is feeling very good health wise since she started drinking warm water and always drinking water in sitting posture. So I am going to try it for few months and see how I feel. It is anyways slightly cold and rainy season where I live.

Excerpt from easyayurveda.com:

Warm water health benefits – 

  1. It helps to improve digestion and to relieve indigestion.
  2. Warm water drinking at night before bed time is an excellent remedy to clear white coated tongue.
  3. Warm water drinking is one of the major dietary advice in the treatment of cold, cough, respiratory tract infections, Asthma, allergic disorders etc.
  4. Warm water drinking will reduce the frequency of repeated cold attacks especially in children.
  5. Warm water drinking is a very good soar throat remedy.
  6. Drinking a spoon of honey with a glass of water is recommended in obesity treatment.
  7. Whenever you eat oily food stuff, junk food, or consume ghee, drinking warm water will make  your tummy feel lighter. And also, it avoids fat absorption to an extent.
  8. Warm water cleanses bladder. So, it is the natural most and easily available bladder cleanse medicine.
  9. Warm water drinking at night is much recommended in the treatment of fever.
  10. Warm water drinking is highly recommended in cases of rheumatoid arthritis.
  11. It calms vata and kapha. It is not for pitta type.

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