Teaching Greetings & Weekdays with Food

Sebastian Greetings
Sebastian Greetings

I started teaching 8 year old native Spanish speaking children English few months ago.
Started first with domestic animals and fruits.
Then songs based on those topics combined.
Then introduced action verbs like jump, fly etc.
Then songs containing animals and action verbs.
Then numbers and songs combining animals and numbers.
Then Weekdays, songs with weekdays.

Today covered greetings and weekdays with food. First drew greetings on board, asked them to give names to the characters then asked them to copy. They love copying drawings. Then did a role play, each boy became Marco and each girl including me 🙂 became Maria and we exchanged greetings. Then wrote weekdays with food, asked them to copy and repeat saying it.

Below are some photos from the class(3 students out of 4 came today. All are aged 8).

Teaching English

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