My Second T-Shirt


Around 3 years ago I tried my first t-shirt and was not happy with it. Wore it only inside house. It was rib knit organic cotton, sewn with normal foot and normal needle.
Here it is:
Photo on 8-6-13 at 2.44 PM

Today’s one, sewn with a walking foot and ball point stretch needle on a rib knit organic cotton fabric, is a free pattern from was so helpful. It had clear instructions, video with it and a FB group help. I also watched a video which helped on many tips and tricks.

My Next one will be this(from measurements):


There are many issues with this one too. If you find any please point them out in comments. They will help me. Something I learnt are:
1. PRE-WASH THE FABRIC: This time I did not pre-wash and after making, when I washed it I found it had become a little more stiffer than it was which would have made cutting and sewing easier had I washed it before sewing.
2. STEAM & PRESS at every step : Avoided it many times in the past but did so for this shirt, it really matters, so will do it religiously 🙂 next time onwards.

I think I will make it shorter next time. Folding it makes it drape well.

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